The amazing benefits of blood flow restriction training, and how EMF is harming you, with the spectacular Dr. Mercola


Dr. Mercola really needs no introduction. He is really the OG in the alternative health and wellness space and has contributed greatly to this body of knowledge.  He maintains the most popular health website on the interweb,, which is a treasure trove of information on a wide variety of topics. 

In this interview we discuss blood flow restriction training (BFR) and EMF, diving into many of the details here at a granular level. I am sure you will all find much benefit in this episode!

Dr. Mercola has created two landing pages for the topics of this interview: where you can sign up for the soon to be released comprehensive summary of the benefits of this way of training he has written. All of the info about his book, EMF*D, which will be released in February. This is a fantastic resource regarding the dangers of EMFs and how to mitigate exposure as much as possible. 

Also check out for all of Dr. Mercola’s many other resources. 

Time stamps:

8:30 podcast starts

12:05 BFR training.

28:22 increased vascularity of internal organs.

34:12 Longevity and BFR training.

41:42 Elderly people and EMF.

42:54 NAMPT and blood flow restriction training

43:35 training regimen with BFR.

47:52 How KAATSU training works. 

1:04:21 Tracking heart rate variability.

 1:08:29 Continuous glucose monitors.

1:17:14 Where to find Dr.Mercola.

1:19:38 The most radical thing Dr. Mercola has done recently.