AMA#2: Acid/base balance, APOE4/FTO, omega-3s, carnivore diet types, the problem with broccoli and more!

This week’s podcast is an intense AMA I did for Ben Greenfield’s show which I reposting here. As you can see from the time stamps, in this monologue I cover a LOT of ground and dig into many of the common questions which arise on a carnivore diet. 

Time Stamps: 

8:10 Start of the podcast

9:30 How would Paul define a carnivore diet?

11:25 Spectrum of plant toxicity.

15:40 Nose to tail carnivore.

17:00 Getting enough protein on a carnivore diet.

21:10 How does a carnivore diet affect athletic performance?

21:55 Faster study.

28:25 Effect of 4 week very low carbohydrate diet on high intensity interval training responses 

29:45 Keto adaptation enhances exercise performance. Body composition responses to training of endurance athletes (study).

32:20 Salt requirements on low carbohydrate diets.  

34:20 Sources of iodine on a carnivore diet.

35:40 Dangers of excess iodine.

36:30 Sustainability of a carnivore diet. 

40:00 Regenerative agriculture.

46:10 Hormesis and xenohormesis.

52:40 Uric acid and glutathione levels during short term cold exposure (study).

54:10 Sulforaphane.

56:40 Activation of  NRF2 pathways with environmental hormesis.

1:00:40 Sirtuin pathway activation and ketosis.

1:04:00 Fruit and vegetable depletion studies.

1:10:35 Negative effects of resveratrol and curcumin.(studies).

1:15:20 Can one’s PH level get too acidic on a carnivore diet due to the high protein consumption ?

1:19:10 Potential renal acid load of foods and its influence on ph (study) 

1:19:50 Effect of low carbohydrate high protein diet on acid base balance, stone forming propensity, and calcium metabolism (study).

1:23:00 Essential and toxic metals in animal bone broth (study).

1:25:00 Effects of a supplement rich in alkaline minerals on acid base balance in humans (study)

1:26:20 Do ketones increase acidity in the blood?

1:27:10 Statement on high protein diets and bone health.

1:28:20 IGF1 and MTOR.

1:32:35 Carnivore diet and APOE4 gene.

1:36:00 Studies on Simonae people.

1:40:30 Case study: APOE4 

1:42:40 Study on APOE4 and susceptibility to insulin resistance.

1:43:45 FTO polymorphism and a carnivore diet.

1:48:40 What Paul eats in a day.

1:50:30 Over methylation and riboflavin.

1:52:10 Paul’s lab results.

1:54:10 Lipids and the carnivore diet.

1:56:00 Are cheat days a good idea? How long do you have to be on a carnivore diet to see benefits?

1:58:00 Are chicken and eggs okay to eat?

1:58:40  Parts of the animal to avoid consuming.

1:59:00 Does Paul take supplements?

1:59:40 Women’s cycle regulation and pregnancy on carnivore and ketogenic diets.

2:02:05 Is the carnivore diet safe for kids?

2:03:50 Phospholipid forms of DHA (studies).

2:07:30 Cruciferous vegetable consumption and hypothyroidism.

2:08:40 Studies on isothiocyanate and thyroid function.