Animal-Based vs. Plant-Based, a friendly debate with Joel Fuhrman, MD


Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, seven-time New York Times best-selling author and internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing. He specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods. Dr. Fuhrman is the President of the Nutritional Research Foundation and on the faculty of Northern Arizona University, Health Sciences division. 

Time stamps: 

0:10:39 Podcast begins

0:11:54 Dr. Joel Fuhrman's story

0:17:39 Question for Dr. Joel Fuhrman: what do you believe causes chronic disease in humans?

0:24:19 Why I have a problem with epidemiological studies

0:28:59 Question for Dr. Joel Fuhrman: can you present an interventional study that shows an increased consumption of meat in the human diet resulted in negative outcomes?

0:31:29 Increased lean red meat intake does not elevate markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in humans

0:33:39 Dr. Joel Fuhrman's stance on epidemiological studies

0:39:54 Meat intake and cause-specific mortality: a pooled analysis of Asian prospective cohort studies

0:40:39 Possible protective effect of milk, meat, and fish for cerebrovascular disease mortality in Japan

0:41:29 Beef tallow increases apoptosis and decreases aberrant crypt foci formation relative to soybean oil in rat colon

0:42:59 Effects of plant and animal high protein diets on immune-inflammatory biomarkers: a 6-week intervention trial

0:44:34 Isocaloric diets high in animal or plant protein reduce liver fat and inflammation in individuals with type 2 diabetes

0:46:09 Dr. Joel Fuhrman's response: The effect of high salt consumption in Asian populations and how this affects the results in Asian studies

0:54:19 Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Keto diets are okay short term, but dangerous long term

0:55:44 Dr. Joel Fuhrman: "A 15-year study shows those who eat more meat have increased risk of cancer and death" source of this study was not presented

0:57:44 My response: there are no interventional studies that show meat in replace of plant proteins show a decrease in health outcomes in humans

1:00:29 Health promoting phytonutrients are higher in grass-fed meat and milk

1:04:39 Comparative fracture risk in vegetarians and nonvegetarians in EPIC-Oxford study

1:05:04 Partial replacement of animal proteins with plant proteins for 12 weeks accelerates bone turnover amount in healthy adults

1:05:59 Food processing and emotion regulation in vegetarians and omnivores

1:07:29 Evidence for dietary change but not landscape use in South African early hominins

1:08:54 We cannot blame meat for what the bread, cookies, and seed oils have done

1:10:29 Dr. Joel Fuhrman: as you raise animal products and grains in the human diet, you cause damage to health

1:13:14 Dr. Joel Fuhrman agrees that the vegan diet can be deficient in essential minerals for humans, and may require supplementation

1:14:54 Dr. Joel Fuhrman: large amounts of animal products in the human diet will decrease the amounts of protective plant products one will consume

1:17:09 Dr. Joel Fuhrman: our digestive and evolutionary biology depends on large amounts of plant consumption in our diets

1:17:49 All hunter-gatherer tribes have much greater health span when compared to westernized societies and live just as long as us

1:20:24 Dr. Joel Fuhrman: we must use long-term studies that collaborate the short-term studies

1:21:19 I disagree that epidemiological studies are the gold standard for nutritional research

1:22:24 Human evolution is the best long term nutrional study that we have

1:25:24 Why the blue zone data is flawed

1:26:24 Food intake diet and sperm characteristics in a blue zone: Loma Linda zone

1:27:17 Lifestyle and reduced mortality among active California Mormons

1:28:14 Sociodemographic and lifestyle statistics of oldest old people (>80 years) living in Iklaria Island: The Ikaria study

1:28:39 Nutrition for the Japanese elderly (study)

1:30:44 The relationship between peripheral blood mononuclear cells telomere length and diet - unexpected effect of red meat

1:31:39 Dr. Joel Fuhrman: I am worried that excess meat consumption can be damaging to humans

1:33:59 Question for Dr. Joel Fuhrman: are you willing to share your blood work and underlying markers?

1:35:34 Closing thoughts with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

1:36:09 Pieces to the puzzle we didn't get to in this podcast