Carnivore vs Traditional Chinese Medicine, A friendly debate with Josh Axe


Dr. Josh Axe, founder of Ancient Nutrition and, is a certified doctor of natural medicine (DNM), doctor of chiropractic (DC) and clinical nutritionist (CNS) with a passion to help people get healthy by empowering them to use nutrition to fuel their health. He is the bestselling author of KETO DIET, Eat Dirt, and COLLAGEN DIET, and author of the upcoming book Ancient Remedies (Feb 2). Dr. Axe founded the natural health website, one of the top natural health website in the world today. Most recently, he launched his podcast, The Dr. Axe Show which features interviews with top health influencers such as Dr. Oz, The Skinny Confidential, Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Will Cole & many more! 

Time Stamps: 

0:09:06 Podcast begins

0:10:06 Dr. Axe's Approach to Root Cause Medicine

0:16:49 Glandular Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine

0:27:23 How medications deplete your body of vital nutrients

0:31:24 Everyone on the planet should be eating organs

0:37:32 Herbs are medicine, not food and not supplements

0:42:42 One man's food is another man's poison

0:50:38 Josh's take on the carnivore diet

0:53:14 The center of every healthy diet

0:55:48 The mysteries of seasonal eating | What Josh's diet looks like

1:00:21 Where to find Dr. Josh Axe