Controversial Thoughts: Coffee doesn't love you back either and it might just worsen your fibromyalgia!

The most controversial opinion of them all: Coffee doesn't love you back!

Check out this week's installment of Controversial Thoughts in which I offer my ideas about whether you should include coffee in your animal-based diet.

Ok, let's admit that's a fantasy. Most of you are just going to respond in the comments that you'll never give up coffee and that I must hate babies or your puppy to suggest such a ludicrous thing, but you won't watch the video. Suit yourself. You asked for a video on why you might not want to drink that cup of coffee and I did it.

Don't worry, I still love you all even if you keep drinking your coffee! I do think you'll be better off without it, however. At least get some organs into your diet, and eliminate the most toxic plants, and for the love of god cut out those seed oils!

It's not too late to join us for the #AnimalBased30 day reset to get your January and 2021 on track! Looks like the year might just be another wild ride. Buckle up and eat your organs!