How You’ve Been Misled About Red Meat Causing Diabetes and Heart Disease, With Ex-Vegan, Jon Venus.


Jon Venus is a physique athlete and former vegan influencer who has been lifting weights for 8 years, the last 5 of which have been as a vegan. With the birth of his son, nagging injuries (herniated disc in his back) and debilitating muscle cramps in mind he recently began to reconsider the science behind a vegan diet and reintroduced animal foods in his diet. His back pain, and muscle cramps improved significantly after this and he is now very interested in promoting open dialogue regarding the importance of animal foods in the human diet. 

Time Stamps:

  • 7:41 Start of podcast
  • 8:22 Jon’s story.
  • 15:56 Vegan propaganda films/ humane raising of animals
  • 17:56 How Jon optimized a plant based diet for bodybuilding.
  • 22:11 Leucine.
  • 23:26 Jon’s physique compared to other prominent vegans.
  • 24:41 What prompted Jon to stop being vegan. 
  • 31:31 Can you get B12 from dirt? 
  • 34:11 Misleading media reports on Jon’s vegan body transformation. 
  • 36:41 Muscle cramps on a vegan diet.
  • 39:35 Concerns of vegan diet.
  • 41:06 Cramping on low carbohydrate diets. 
  • 44:41 Diet Dogma. 
  • 49:35 How does Jon feel after adding meat back into his diet? 
  • 55:51 Will Jon eat organ meats?
  • 57:56 Spirituality of hunting.
  • 1:03:41 Sustainability of human life on earth.
  • 1:04:41 Analyzing plant based nutrition science.
  • 1:20:01 Twinkie diet. 
  • 1:24:11 Plant based studies (cont.)
  • 1:30:41 Why do triglycerides go up on low fat vegan diets?
  • 1:32:21 Does red meat intake lead to oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • 1:36:21 Epidemiology studies (Epic Oxford).
  • 1:43:41 Problems with food frequency questionnaires.
  • 1:53:31 Asian epidemiology studies.
  • 2:03:41 Problem with ‘’big’’ health organization
  • 2:15:56 Where to find Jon online.
  • 2:16:41 The most radical thing Jon has done recently.