Video : Controversial Thoughts: Dry Tinder, Assessing the True Impact of COVID

Is it time to get scared of COVID, or is the media just back on the hysteria train? Remember 6 months ago when everyone was trashing Sweden for their coronavirus response? Well, guess what, they are looking pretty good right now despite having essentially no lockdowns or other measures in place. In this Controversial Thoughts video, I discuss the concept of “dry tinder”, or the amount of any population that is most frail, elderly, and susceptible to illness and how this relates to the impact of COVID in different countries. I also share data regarding the continued importance of being metabolically healthy and having an optimal vitamin D status. As we head into winter how are your vitamin D levels looking, and how metabolically healthy are you? If you’re interested in my thoughts on the vaccine, I discussed these in much more detail on last week’s controversial thoughts episode. Look for a podcast with @kirkparsley coming next Tuesday elaborating on all of these concepts.