Video : Controversial Thoughts: How is an Animal-Based diet different than a Paleo diet?

Animal-based vs Keto vs Paleo

Though at first glance an #Animalbased diet may look like a ketogenic or paleo diet, there are some key differences.

Though a paleo diet includes meat, this type of eating forgets about the incredible nutrient richness found in organs like liver, heart, kidney, etc. A paleo diet also leaves in nuts/seeds/and leafy greens which don't really provide any unique nutrients but do lead to a lot of gas 💨, bloating, and digestive issues for many people. These are full of anti-nutrients and digestive enzyme inhibitors and are best avoided.

Though a very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet can be incredibly powerful for many people with diabetes, and obesity, this way of eating isn't really sustainable long term.

The fact of the matter is this, eliminating carbs can help with insulin resistance but didn't cause it in the first place. To truly treat these issues we must remove seed oils and excess linoleic acid from our diets. Once you are metabolically healthy, including carbohydrates from the least toxic plant sources (sweet/non-sweet fruit- no fructose is not toxic in fruit) can be a positive addition to your diet!

Animal-based diets can take many forms to suit your needs, but don't fall into overly rigid ketogenic dogma by fearing all carbohydrates long term. Cycling in low-carb periods or periods of a carnivore diet is great, but it's also nice to bring in a few low toxicity plant foods from time to time for variety, flavor, color, etc. Just know that if you chose to include nuts/seeds/leafy greens you may run into digestive issues by trending too much toward paleo.

Here's to reclaiming your birthright to radical health! #theremembering