Video : Controversial Thoughts: Think red meat causes cancer? Think again! Full breakdown with Ivor Cummins

I get the “doesn’t red meat cause cancer” question ALL. THE. TIME. What better way to address it yet again (there’s a whole chapter about it in my book, The Carnivore Code), than with my man, Ivor (see multiple previous podcasts including a recent debunk of the COVID response- Fundamental Health). In this extra nutrient-dense edition of controversial thoughts, we address the WHO (looking mighty sketch these days), TMAO, neu5gc, and much more about how we’ve been misled regarding meat and cancer. Watch/listen/learn and never again not have an answer for your clueless friend who thinks meat causes cancer. Red meat and organs have been at the center of the human diet for millions of years. They are also the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. Does it make even one iota of sense that they would cause harm to us? Nope. Welcome to #theremembering. If you need more nose to tail nutrition in your life, check us out at Our newest product, Heart of the Warrior just released today, and our grass-fed colostrum (the immunoglobulin rich first milk from mammals), Immunomilk, will be available next week!