Video : How to escape the human zoo, part 2 of the Africa Adventures podcast with Anthony Gustin

You live in a zoo...

Don’t believe me? Look around you... Synthetic food, separation from nature → chronic disease rates skyrocketing, rates of obesity, depression, and general unhappiness rising rapidly.

The same things happen to wild animals when they are placed in zoos! In this week’s podcast (Fundamental Health, available on Apple Podcasts, YouTube) @dranthonygustin and I dive back into our Africa adventures with some of the last hunter-gatherers left on the planet, the Hadza. This is part 2 of this series, check out part 1 from two weeks ago.

In this episode, we also answer your questions about the Hadza and fill in all the gaps from our first episode about our adventures with them. #theremembering​

Time Stamps:​

0:03:27​ Podcast Begins

0:05:17​ Urban living in healthy Tanzanians is associated with an inflammatory status driven by dietary and metabolic changes 0:06:34​ Misinformation in modern papers on the Hadza | Cancel culture in the scientific community

0:19:27​ Eat what is easily edible in nature

0:22:24​ And now a word from Big Honey

0:23:45​ Natural Honey Lowers Plasma Glucose, C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, and Blood Lipids in Healthy, Diabetic, and Hyperlipidemic Subjects: Comparison with Dextrose and Sucrose

0:33:03​ To be wild is to be healthy | How to rewild

0:40:10​ What do the Hadza do to be happy?

0:42:21​ Happiness is humanity's default

0:46:31​ How did the Hadza sleep?

0:50:41​ Surfing in Costa Rica

0:54:02​ The remarkable patience of the Hadza

0:53:31​ Do the Hadza operate in a hierarchy?

1:05:51​ An interesting theory on eating local, seasonal food

1:10:43​ Prey Size Decline as a Unifying Ecological Selecting Agent in Pleistocene Human Evolution

1:11:57​ The evolution of the human trophic level during the Pleistocene

1:12:22​ Too smart for our own good | Refining away our last source of real food

1:16:32​ The hygiene of the Hadza

1:19:13​ How to find your true love

1:23:25​ Marriage and sexuality

1:30:27​ Gender roles of the Hadza

1:32:25​ Some thoughts on human customs

1:36:09​ Education of the Hadza

1:43:30​ More on the eating habits of the Hadza

1:45:55​ The Hadza's medicine

1:47:27​ Oral health

1:50:27​ What kind of movement do the Hadza engage in?

1:55:55​ What was the scariest part of the trip?

1:57:36​ The Nicoya region of Costa Rica: a high longevity island for elderly males

1:57:37​ The truth about the blue zones

2:05:51 Hunter-gatherers live as long as we do