Video : The fascinating case of a mystery autoimmune illness reversed with an Animal-Based diet with Mary Ruddick, CNC.

Mary Ruddick, CNC is a seasoned medical nutritionist who specializes in metabolic, immune, and nervous system disorders. She is the Director of Nutrition for, Enable Your Healing, The REIGNS Method, and the Back to Joy Program, and she currently travels the globe studying traditional diets and seeing patients online via her private practice.

Time Stamps:

0:05:55 Mary's Dream Penthouse

0:07:48 Mary on the hippo turf

0:10:52 The lion hunt (No lions were harmed in the making of this podcast)

0:15:25 How separated we've become

0:21:18 Mary Ruddick's backstory

0:33:45 How Mary beat dysautonomia

0:42:33 What the Greeks actually eat (The blue zones are a myth)

0:49:17 Sociodemographic and Lifestyle Statistics of Oldest Old People (greater than 80 Years) Living in Ikaria Island: The Ikaria Study

0:49:47 Determinants of All-Cause Mortality and Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease (2009 to 2013) in Older Adults: The Ikaria Study of the Blue Zones

0:50:20 Simplicity, purpose, and community: the recipe for a long life

0:54:46 Mary's African adventure and lots of carnivory

1:07:21 Mary eats a raw adrenal gland

1:11:48 The diet of the Shona

1:19:26 The power of traditional diets

1:23:08 Some insight into Mary's practice